WALKaround HafenCity

Get ready to discover Hamburg. One of the coolest cities to live and work, it’s Germany’s second largest city and a major port on the Elbe river.

With its many waterways and canals, Hamburg is known as
‘The Venice of the North’. It’s got everything, a rich maritime history, multicultural atmosphere, beautiful parks and lots of great shops and nightlife.


HafenCity is a business district with a difference, mixing residential and office areas with shops and leisure venues. Let’s explore. A short walk from Hamburg city centre, HafenCity’s sublime waterfront views, great shops, restaurants, bars and cinemas, and lush green spaces attract visitors from far and wide.

Europe’s largest inner-city development, HafenCity promises 6,000 homes and 45,000 jobs by 2025.

The perfect place for forward-thinking business, it’s currently home to 450 companies from a range of different industries such as aerospace, life sciences, media and IT. Its lively, creative atmosphere.

HafenCity’s diverse business residents make it a great place for businesses to exchange ideas and make new connections.


Ride, drive, walk or cycle, S-Kai is well connected for commuters. Choose from the many road, rail, underground or bus routes. And there’s underground parking at S-Kai for car users.

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